Julia Schrenk



My name is Julia Schrenk, I am 25 years old and I am studying to become a teacher.

4 years ago I found my real passion, riding motocross.

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2013 I won a casting to the "Rally Queen" of the Elite Service GmbH and therefore the paritcipation at the "Sonangol Africa Eco Race 2014". The AER is a desert race rallye through Morocco, Mauretania, until Dakar in Senegal.

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The most shocking and mind changing thing to witness was the enormous poverty that so many people have to live in and how they suffer. I saw children playing in and with trash, dressed up in rags, shelters built out of some metal or wood or even less, like plastic bags. The medical, hygienical and living situations are hardly imaginable. Most of the time there is no electicity, because it is too expensive and loads of children are not able to visite school, becaus there is not enough money left to buy school stuff. As a prospective teacher, I know, how important education is. Only someone who can read and write, has the possibility and chance to escape poverty. Only with education it is possible to change something. 

To have a home, a full fridge and a warm and dry place to sleep is not a standard in every country. Poverty is nothing you choose, you are born into it.

Therefore I decided to help!