28th Dec: technical control and administrative check in Saint Cyprien.


29th Dec:
5:00am we took the bus to Motril Harbor in the south of Spain, it was a long way, we arrived at 20:00pm. At 22:00 we went on the ferry to Nador in Morocco. It was a night full of waves, the ferry was shaking and I nearly fell out of the bed! 

30th Dec: through the customs and here we are in Morocco. There was a nice welcome breakfast at the harbor. After that... Start of the first stage. 645,60km to go till Errachidia.

31st Dec: The day before New Year was a bit shorter than the first stage, 437,81 to go till the arrival in Tagounite.

1st Jan: we reached Assa after 524,93km.

2nd Jan: At the moment we are in As Sakn. The stage today was 394,16km. Robert Theuretzbacher got his flow of last year back and is motivated to go on faster and faster :) Anastasiya Nifontova is also doing a very good job and kicks the guys asses every day :)

3rd Jan: Robert Theuretzbacher won the 5th stage. :) finally he did it!!!

After the stage, there were over 700km to Dakhla, our last bivouac in morocco. The way down was not easy, especially the bikers had to be very careful, the wind was really heavy and some parts of the road were covered with sand. At that point I was happy to be in the car and not on the bike. The helicopters couldn't even go to the bivouac, they had to stay at the end of the special stage. 


4th Jan:
 Stage canceled


5th Jan: Today was the rest day for the riders but not for the mechanics, there was a lot to do!

7th Jan: Today was the 7th stage of the Africa Eco Race 2015. It was a sandy stage and a lot of riders, cars and trucks got stuck in the sand. Robert Theuretzbacher got second today but at the bivouac he had a privat navigation lesson with Pal Anders Ullevalseter, the current leader.



But after every stage there is a lot to do for the mechanics... Welding, changing, repairing, cleaning... . It is a big adventure, but also dangerous.
At that point, get well soon Patsy Quick and all the other injured ones.